Do you work
in a data swamp
or data lake?

Learn about Bomisco's approach to
Channel Data Management

The Bomisco Suite

4 core modules designed to deliver
each step of your channel data pipeline.


Fast, automated and
accurate data delivery.

Focus on selling, not reporting. Bomisco significantly reduces your time-to-revenue, cuts down the administrative overhead and automates cumbersome data processes. We deliver the accurate, near real-time reporting to your team. That means quicker decisions and faster response times to keep your channel partners focussed on sales.


Know what your partners
are selling - all the time.

Bomisco helps technology vendors manage their channel partner operations effectively. By uniting your disparate data sources across inventory, finance and sales, Bomisco creates a clean data delivery pipeline that underpins your channel sales operations.


We use AI and ML techniques
to chop through a forest of complexity.

Step 1 - Unify

Connect to your data sources through our APIs using Gateway.

Step 2 - Enrich

Sanitize and analyze your data in near real-time using MagicMash.

Step 3 - Analyze

Query, slice and dice the data across multiple silos with DeepDive.

Step 4 - Action

Design intelligent, automated process workflows with Canvas.

Validate and
enrich data from
multiple sources

Learn more about Bomisco's services and how we can ingest sales, financial and inventory data. Request a demo and watch our AI make short work of your data analysis and processing.

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