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Learn How Bomisco Delivers Clean Data. Continuously.

The Bomisco Suite

4 core modules designed to deliver a seamless data delivery pipeline.









Data Pipeline Automation

Swift, Scalable and Secure

Focus on data storytelling and insights, not on data cleansing and plumbing ! Bomisco extracts and ingests your raw data from any system in any format, cleanses, transforms and unifies the data to fit into the applications in your technology stack from…

Data Unification

Continuous Visibility Across Your Data Pipelines

Enable data-centric teams to zone in on analyzing data and drive actions instead of just assembling the data! By uniting your disparate data sources across sales units, pricing, customer usage, web traffic conversions, returns, discounts, claims and really just about any data element, we create a shiny clean data delivery pipeline that underpins your business operations.

Data Reporting

Data from any source, to any destination. Continuously.

We take care of the data preparation from beginning to end. Bomisco manages data cleansing, enrichment, transformation and outputs that underpin your business reporting. Wherever your data is and however you need it delivered, we will turn it into consumable intelligence.


We use AI and ML techniques
to chop through a forest of complexity.

Step 1 - Unify

Connect to your data sources through our APIs using Gateway.

Step 2 - Enrich

Sanitize and analyze your data in near real-time using MagicMash.

Step 3 - Analyze

Query, slice and dice the data across multiple silos with DeepDive.

Step 4 - Action

Design intelligent, automated process workflows with Canvas.