Powerful Tools. Exceptional Outcomes.

From building intelligent automation product suites to delivering end to end custom software development services, we solve complex problems using cutting edge technologies. We apply a smart blend of open source tools and technologies for automation and build our tools to fill gaps to deliver complete process and data automation.

Bomisco enables data-centric teams to zone in on analyzing data and drive actions instead of just assembling the data! By uniting your disparate data sources across sales units, pricing, customer usage, web traffic conversions, returns, discounts, claims and really just about any data element, we create a shiny clean data delivery pipeline that underpins your business operations.

Unify – Connect to your data sources through our APIs.
Enrich – Sanitize and analyze your data in near real-time.
Analyze – Use our preset dashboards or… build your own.
Action – Take action based on reports you can actually trust.

Focus on data storytelling and insights, not on data cleansing and plumbing ! Bomisco extracts and ingests your raw data from any system in any format, cleanses, transforms and unifies the data to fit into the applications in your technology stack … from SnowflakeBigQuerySalesforceDynamicsOracle CloudTableauPowerBIQlikThoughtSpot and even back to Excel.

Workflow Automation

We use mature open source automation tools to help our customers maximize their benefits from automations of their existing workflows involving manual processes. Using these well-tested platforms we deliver outstanding results that assure our customers they have a platform that can grow with them and adapt to their needs over time.

Apache NIFI. UIPath Task Mining.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Applying intelligence to everything we design and deliver is the fabric of Bomisco. Artificial Intelligence is widely leveraged through variety of tools in every product that is developed by Bomisco. Our AI experts are at the front in delivering the best our customers deserve, whether it is Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or Cognitive Vision.

Elastic Search. KNIME. TensorFlow. Rapid Miner.

Data Visualization / Business Intelligence

Analyzing and representing large sets of data in interactive and intuitive dashboards, graphs, charts and other smart visualizations to derive “actionable real time insights” – This is the sole principle of our data visualization products/services for our customers. We achieve this by leveraging the best in breed technologies for business intelligence.

Kibana. Qlik. Tableau. PowerBI.


In this era of disruptive business models and rapidly changing markets, solutions such as Data Pipeline Automation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) play a crucial role in supporting the digital transformation and creating value for enterprises.

Automation projects undertaken by enterprises are usually done in silos, confined to task-level automations for targeted business outcomes. This approach has hardly delivered the results that the enterprises have always expected them to.

Bomisco leverages hyperautomation through intelligent orchestration of Data Pipeline, AI and ML workflow automation technologies to maximize the value from end to end process optimization and automation. Ultimately, Bomisco’s products and services helps enterprises to deliver on their strategic business objectives.

Data Workflows

Complex workflows involving movement of information across systems and servers, desktops, folders, databases, etc. are commonplace now.

Files have to be moved across different systems, email attachments have to be downloaded, meta data about emails (sender, date, attachment name, etc.) have to be accurately read and processed and much more. It is inefficient, costly and consumes lot of effort in performing these steps manually.

That’s why firms have always wanted to find an automated solution to these steps. However, the automated processes in place today are largely patch works with some on-the-fly scripts that have been written to simulate few steps performed by humans.

Bomisco introduces an air of fresh thinking to solve this problem. It helps achieve an end to end process optimization followed by automation. There is inbuilt intelligence in Bomisco that simplifies the process steps and eliminates unncessary and unwanted steps of the process. As a result of this comprehensive process improvement through powerful automation, Bomisco’s customers are able to see real value in short time. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Bomisco can be plugged in to your processes so you can direct your resources to more valuable activities.

Data Matching

Bomisco is what you need if matching specific data fields (customer name, claim codes, SKU Ids etc.) amongst and across multiple data streams is a daily grind.

Data Stream 1 has a customer name “HPE”, Data Stream 2 has a customer name “HP Enterprise” and Data Stream 3 has product claim codes issued to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Bomisco matches structured and unstructured data across multiple data streams so your downstream systems are fed with the correct product claim codes for “HPE”, HP Enterprise” and the numerous other creative derivatives of “names” that attempt to enter your data world.

Our cognition engine is powered by a series of machine learning algorithms with proprietary technology (patent pending) at the core. Our data science teams are continuously scouring through volumes of data on a daily basis to deliver matching abilities that are hard to beat. Bomisco operates as a unified suite to make your operational data march to your tune.