About Us

Bomisco is a DataOps company based in San Francisco. We work with companies to unlock the value of their data.

Modern sales organisations that rely on accurate and timely data to underpin their operations lack the specialist skills or resources internally to operate critical data pipelines.

This is a problem for 3 reasons:

Inconsistent, incomplete or delayed data delivery slows downstream decision-making.

Inaccurate data relied upon for truthful reporting leads to significant compliance risk.

Unreliable data delivery systems create additional overhead and wasted resources.

We work as an outsourced provider or alongside your enterprise IT teams to deliver data engineering solutions and DataOps services at a cost-effective price point.

We believe that no critical system or data-driven use case can be successful without clean data – we exist to deliver clean data continuously to your applications and use cases.

Our primary service is data delivery – we are responsible for delivering reliable, accurate and fit-for-purpose datasets to a range of stakeholders from data scientists to CEOs.

We are trusted by some of the largest brands in the world to supply decision-grade data that underpins their financial reporting, sales forecasting and operational performance.

A Word From Our CEO...

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Mihir Mehta


In an operational data immersive career at Zyme (acquired by E2Open), Cisco and GE – he can still see the huge gaps in first mile and last mile data automation. His goal is to make Bomisco a dominant player to fill these gaps and be the go-to data plumbers so that business teams can focus on data insights and actions.

George Dziedzic


Following the successful sale of his business, Foster MacCallum to Zyme (acquired by E2Open), he is continuing to use his expertise to shine the light on powering business growth via data automation.

Key Questions For You

  • Are you spending too much time scrubbing your bathroom floors (= your business data) instead of listening to the stories your data is trying to tell you ?
  • Is your team spending too much time on scrubbing the data clean ? Not enough time on evaluating the insights and acting on them ?
  • Do you have multiple single sources of truth for your operational data ?
  • Have you spent lots of money in creating data lakes .. yet it feels like you are still in a data swamp ?
  • Are you still seeking faster answers in spite of having invested in numerous data tools !

What We Deliver

  • Liberation from spreadsheet data hell ! Let Data/Business Analysts, Data Engineers focus on value added work
  • Bridge the first-mile and last-mile gaps in your Data Analysis
  • Create solid Data Plumbing to ignite your Data Pipelines – We do the heavy lifting of fixing the leaks (data errors), broken pipes & clogs (bottlenecks) so you can quickly zone in on those critical data insights that drive your business forward
  • We pride ourselves in scrubbing your Data clean – pristine, reliable and consistently … so you focus on your business and not on scrubbing the data bathroom floor
  • Your Data exists in a plethora of systems and datasets each with their own personality ! We unify, match and connect the various diva Data personalities so your data storytelling drives immediate actions

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