Who We Are

Bomisco is a DataOps company based in San Francisco. We work with companies to unlock the value of their data.

Modern sales organisations that rely on accurate and timely data to underpin their operations lack the specialist skills or resources internally to operate critical data pipelines.

This is a problem for 3 reasons:

Inconsistent, incomplete or delayed data delivery slows downstream decision-making.

Inaccurate data relied upon for truthful reporting leads to significant compliance risk.

Unreliable data delivery systems create additional overhead and wasted resources.

We work as an outsourced provider or alongside your enterprise IT teams to deliver data engineering solutions and DataOps services at a cost-effective price point.

We believe that no critical system or data-driven use case can be successful without clean data – we exist to deliver clean data continuously to your applications and use cases.

Our primary service is data delivery – we are responsible for delivering reliable, accurate and fit-for-purpose datasets to a range of stakeholders from data scientists to CEOs.

We are trusted by some of the largest brands in the world to supply decision-grade data that underpins their financial reporting, sales forecasting and operational performance.

Our Method

DataOps is a methodology that emphasizes collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery of data-driven insights to drive business outcomes. It seeks to streamline the entire data pipeline, from design to deployment and beyond. 

Here’s how Bomisco uses DataOps to extract value from your data:


During the design phase, the Bomisco team works with stakeholders to define the goals of the project and identify the data that will be needed to achieve those goals. This includes identifying the data sources, the data models that will be used, and the tools that will be needed. The design phase also includes developing a plan for how the data will be processed, analyzed, and delivered to stakeholders.


In the develop phase, Bomisco uses agile development methodologies to build data pipelines and analytical models that will be used to transform raw data into insights. We use automated testing to ensure that data pipelines and models are functioning as intended, and collaborate with data scientists and analysts to refine and improve the models.


During the test phase, Bomisco validates that the data pipelines and analytical models are producing accurate and consistent results. This includes testing the code, data quality, performance, and security.


In the deploy phase, Bomisco uses automation to deploy the data pipelines and analytical models into production. This includes configuring the infrastructure, monitoring the performance of the pipelines, and ensuring that the models are delivering the expected results.


During the run phase, Bomisco will monitor the data pipelines and analytical models to ensure that they continue to produce accurate and reliable results. This includes monitoring data quality, performance, and security, and responding quickly to any issues that arise.

Bomisco uses DataOps throughout the entire data pipeline, from design to deployment and beyond. By emphasizing collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, Bomisco can help organizations to leverage their data more effectively and drive better business outcomes.

Our Approach

The Bomisco DataOps approach emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development, as opposed to traditional approaches to data management, such as Waterfall which are more are often too linear and focussed on sequential development phases. Our approach helps to minimise risk, avoid scope creep and reduce uncertainty by validating outputs continuously.

Faster time-to-value

By automating the data pipeline and enabling continuous delivery of data-driven insights, Bomisco can help organizations to derive value from their data more quickly.

Improved collaboration

By emphasizing collaboration between teams, Bomisco can help to break down silos and foster a more collaborative culture within an organization.

Higher quality insights

By using automated testing and validation, Bomisco can help to ensure that the data being used to derive insights is of high quality, which can lead to more accurate and reliable insights.

More agility

By using agile development methodologies, Bomisco can help organizations to be more responsive to changing business requirements, market conditions, and customer needs.

A trusted partner

We understand the challenges your team is facing. We will work alongside you to deliver the business outcome you need as a trusted partner.

While traditional approaches can be effective in certain contexts, they may not be as well-suited to the rapidly-evolving data landscape that many organizations are facing today. Additionally, traditional data management approaches may not be able to deliver the same level of speed, agility, and quality that Bomisco can provide with DataOps as a Service.

How We Work

Bomisco can deliver projects as an outsourced service in a few ways:

Managed services

Bomisco offers DataOps as a managed service, where we take care of the entire data pipeline from end-to-end. This can include everything from data ingestion and processing to analysis and reporting. We use their own proprietary tools and platforms to deliver these services, or they may leverage existing open-source or commercial solutions.


In co-sourcing, an organization partners with an external service provider like Bomisco to build and manage its DataOps capabilities. The external service provider may work alongside the organization’s internal teams to develop and implement DataOps processes, or they may take on the entire process from design to deployment.

Consulting services

Bomisco can help organizations to develop and implement DataOps strategies and processes. This can include everything from assessing an organization’s current data management practices to developing and implementing new DataOps processes. Bomisco may work alongside an organization’s internal teams to develop these processes, or they may take on the entire process themselves.

Regardless of the approach, outsourcing DataOps to Bomisco can help organizations to benefit from the expertise of external service providers who have experience working with a wide range of clients and data management challenges. Additionally, outsourcing can help you to reduce the cost and complexity of building and maintaining in-house capabilities.

Why Choose Bomisco?

As specialized data engineering and managed services provider, Bomisco can offer your organisation the necessary expertise, scalability, cost-effectiveness, faster time-to-market, and accountability to deliver a successful DataOps solution.


A specialized data engineering managed services provider that has a team of experts who are experienced in all aspects of DataOps, including design, development, testing, deployment, and operation. They will be able to provide the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver a successful DataOps solution.


We can offer the flexibility and scalability that a large company needs to handle the volume of data that they generate. Bomisco can scale the DataOps solution up or down as per the company’s requirements, without the need for a major capital investment.


Building an in-house DataOps team can be expensive. By outsourcing to a Bomisco, organisations can reduce costs associated with hiring, training, and managing an in-house team. Bomisco has the necessary tools, technology, and expertise to deliver a cost-effective solution.

Faster time-to-market

As a specialized data engineering MSP, Bomisco has the necessary expertise to deliver a DataOps solution quickly. This can help your company reduce time-to-market and get a competitive edge.


Bomisco will be accountable for the successful delivery of the DataOps solution. This will ensure that your organisation receives a high-quality, reliable, and secure DataOps solution that meets its requirements. Bomisco will be responsible for maintaining and supporting the solution, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and secure.

Are you Bomiscuous?

Join the Bomisco team to work on cutting edge AI, ML and Data Pipeline technologies. A supportive environment, a fast-growth business with recurring revenue, a great leadership team and the opportunity to grow and challenge yourself.

Flexible working hours, work-from-home options and several other benefits to enable our employees to focus on ensuring highest quality of delivery and customer satisfaction. We are located in San Francisco (USA), London (UK) and Bengaluru (India).