Liberate your data analysts and data engineers.

We will do the heavy lifting for all your data challenges.

Core Modules

Bomisco's 4 core modules deliver a seamless data delivery pipeline.


There are many different ways partners send data. Smaller partners need it made easier. Bomisco can handle all types of data including automatically logging into portals to extract data through Gateway.

Connect your data
APIs available
Secure transfers
Break down data silos

Understanding different formats, field names, adding/removing rules, changing formats and connecting internal/external datasets together with enrichment gives us the flexibility to make changes and apply intelligent automation using AI, ML & Data Pipelines.

Cleanse your data
Enrich your records
Match your data
AI & ML enhancements

Using DeepDive, we are able to more effectively query, analyze and consume the data processed through data pipelines and machine learning – in order to better manage downstream operations.

Analyze the patterns
Query your data
Search for trends
Actionable insights

With Canvas, Bomisco will design intelligent, hyperautomated workflows that leverage clean, processed data to deliver reporting, scorecards, process notifications and line-of-business workflows that save you time and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Easy to implement
Intelligent workflows
Processes automated
Measurable results
Us (Bomisco):
Data Engineering & Plumbing

Unification, Transformation, Enrichment, Cleansing … plumbing your data pipelines to ensure a powerful flow of insights

You (Customer):
Data Ignition

Focus on business outcomes with swifter, more reliable storytelling, insights & actions