Verisure – Decision-Grade Data

“Built a Pipeline of Decision-Grade Data from 100+ Disparate Sources in 2 Weeks.”

IndustryClientUse CaseDateCapabilities
Hardware, Consumer TechnologyVerisureChannel Sales, E-Commerce & Financial Reporting2021Data Discovery, Data Pipelines, Data Migration, Reporting, Data Visualisation


Verisure is a European company providing home security systems and monitoring services. They operate in 17 countries in Europe and Latin America with close to 4.5 million customers. 

The Challenge

Following the acquisition of a business, hundreds of unstructured disparate data sources to be made consumable and decision-grade, a transition services agreement coming to a rapid end, Verisure needed a hands-on, roll up your sleeves partner to rebuild the sales and inventory data pipelines from 100s of complex and disparate data objects from external sources and analyze all revenue and stock transactions at store/location levels from its distributors, retailers and channel ecosystem partners.

Against a tight deadline, Bomisco needed to configure, test and stand up hundreds of partners and data sources, creating / testing rules for interpreting channel sales data and delivering decision-grade data for the CFO and CEO.

The Brief

The parent of the acquired entity originally provided all the data; Verisure did not have the flexibility to change, slice or analyze the data to dig deeper into the revenue and margin drivers and fit it into their custom data analytical framework. They needed to stand up new processes to manage a large volume of data from internal and external sources and this is where Bomisco took over the reins.. 

Bomisco needed to bring channel sales and reporting data directly under Verisure’s control.

The Approach

Consistent with the Bomisco approach – to continuously test and provide reliability and accuracy of critical data transformation rules – trust in the data was quickly established. 

Bomisco delivered uninterrupted critical sales, inventory and customer data pipelines during the new entity setup, and diligently set up the necessary infrastructure and processes behind the scenes.

The Outcome

Within 2 weeks, Bomisco established a trusted, reliable and accurate data pipeline that delivered decision-grade data to the CFO and CEO teams. With trust in data restored and control now transferred to Verisure, they were able to actively use the new data pipeline capabilities to slice and dice the data to run the business . 

The initial set up was delivered at at least 50% lower cost compared to ‘big brand’ vendors and Bomisco’s ongoing DataOps service continues to yield the same rate of cost savings as we operate as an extension of Verisure’s data engineering team.