Arlo – Channel Sales Intelligence

“Continuous Data Streaming – No Waiting Across Time Zones”

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Arlo is a leading manufacturer of home surveillance cameras and monitored security services with 350+ employees and $350m+ in revenue. Arlo Technologies distributes its products through a number of distributors, retailers and also through e-commerce channels.

The Challenge

Arlo is both a hardware and SaaS provider, relying on its extensive distribution and retail partner network for scale to sell cameras, floodlights, doorbells and other home security hardware. Secondly, they provide remote monitoring and cloud video storage for their customers on a subscription basis. Managing operational and channel sales data at multiple levels (from supply, inventory, distribution, resale and store POS level) presents a large challenge when relying on manual data handling processes.

The Brief

With a long cycle time to obtain consumable data and unreliable expensive incumbent vendors, Arlo approached Bomisco to streamline and automate their channel sales and retail supply chain data reliably and cost effectively. Bomisco needed to make  data available to its teams in all global regions as quickly as possible and significantly speed up data delivery with cleansed, trustable data.

The Approach

Knowing that business leaders in APAC, Australia and Japan had their full trading day many hours ahead of the US headquarters time zones, Bomisco set the objective to have cleansed reliable data available for regional VP’s on a near time real time basis and integrated into their Tableau business intelligence environment. Bomisco delivers near real-time data streaming and underpins the performance reporting across a global supply chain for hardware sales.

The Outcome

Arlo leadership has 50% faster data availability, more trust in continuously delivered clean data and can take swift actions to increase revenue, pricing and operational performance ‘on the ground’. With faster and more data-driven decisions, Arlo has the ability to respond to a dynamic business environment with superior business outcomes. Bomisco continues to deliver a continuous data pipeline and upgraded infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of its competitors and continues to build its fruitful DataOps partnership with Arlo.