Our Method

DataOps is a methodology that emphasizes collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery of data-driven insights to drive business outcomes. It seeks to streamline the entire data pipeline, from design to deployment and beyond. 

Here’s how Bomisco uses DataOps to extract value from your data:

  1. Design: During the design phase, the Bomisco team works with stakeholders to define the goals of the project and identify the data that will be needed to achieve those goals. This includes identifying the data sources, the data models that will be used, and the tools that will be needed. The design phase also includes developing a plan for how the data will be processed, analyzed, and delivered to stakeholders.
  2. Develop: In the develop phase, Bomisco uses agile development methodologies to build data pipelines and analytical models that will be used to transform raw data into insights. We use automated testing to ensure that data pipelines and models are functioning as intended, and collaborate with data scientists and analysts to refine and improve the models.
  3. Test: During the test phase, Bomisco validates that the data pipelines and analytical models are producing accurate and consistent results. This includes testing the code, data quality, performance, and security.
  4. Deploy: In the deploy phase, Bomisco uses automation to deploy the data pipelines and analytical models into production. This includes configuring the infrastructure, monitoring the performance of the pipelines, and ensuring that the models are delivering the expected results.
  5. Run: During the run phase, Bomisco will monitor the data pipelines and analytical models to ensure that they continue to produce accurate and reliable results. This includes monitoring data quality, performance, and security, and responding quickly to any issues that arise.

Bomisco uses DataOps throughout the entire data pipeline, from design to deployment and beyond. By emphasizing collaboration, automation, and continuous delivery, Bomisco can help organizations to leverage their data more effectively and drive better business outcomes.

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